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First Week Review

First Week Review

A week ago we headed to Victoria to start our Cycling4Water journey. Today we are in Jasper, Alberta. We have been encouraged along the way by so many people. We have been hosted every night and have some wonderful new friends. Every night we have had a chance to present the cause to groups of people either formally or informally. Our schedule has been very full.DSC_3562 We have had great weather, a bit hot in a couple places. The little rain was not bad and even felt good. We have only had a couple places where the wind was against us.  Our kilometer count is just under 1000 km (620 miles). Our bikes are in good shape, Richard’s bike is in the repair shop today for some TLC. Our bodies are doing okay. We are all fairly sure we have a seat imprint on our seats! Jacquie is doing an amazing job. She has a place for everything and everything in place. We are starting to eat everything in sight to keep up with the calorie burn.

We are seeing donations come. I got an email from a friend today to let me know he and his wife are going to commit to a well. They do not have the money but will commit to challenging their whole circle of friends and family to join them to cover the cost of a well, $8500. Our pleaded well count is 19, 41 to go.

Here’s a touching moment…Kids Giving

We were being hosted by this little gal’s grand parents. We were telling her family and friends about the impact of clean water and that $8.50 would give clean water to a person for a life time. She (6 years old and her brother 8) left the room to get $8.50 each from their piggy banks to help give clean water.

I was so touched, in fact, moved to tears.  It inspired me to pass along the Danika and Colby Challenge… if everyone who hears about this would do the same it would be amazing because if 1000 people would give just $8.50 a whole community would have clean water for a life time. Each well provides on average 1000 people with clean water and costs $8500 so $8.50 per person.

Thank you! We are so grateful even overwhelmed by the wonderful response of so many!