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Day 11: Dempster Highway – 154 KM

Day 11: Dempster Highway – 154 KM

After breakfast, Timo went to the hospital to get checked out. I got ready to go. Jacquie me cycling on my did not think that me cycling on my own was a great idea. She said, “Do you know your way from the campground?” I assured her I would be okay. When I got to the first stop sign, about to turn right, she yelled, “Turn left!” LOL

The day was perfect, great temperature and even a tailwind! The road was well packed with very little loose gravel. In my optimism, I pictured a flat ride to the Arctic Ocean. It was not flat but compared to what we had experienced it was going to be an amazing ride.

Leaving Inuvik

The views were beautiful. Because I was now in tundra there are very few trees and eventually none. As I peddled, I reflected on the journey. Other than a sprinkle here and there we had no rain while cycling, no bugs and because of the rain at night no dust! The temperature was reasonable and a good amount of sun most of the time. My heart is so grateful to all the sponsors, donors and families who made this possible.

While I was peddling Timo was getting a green light from the doctor in Inuvik to join me. The crew caught me at about the 50 km mark. It was nice to enjoy such a beautiful day and ride with someone else. We enjoyed coffee breaks and lunch on the side of the road in lawn chairs.

We got our first glimpse of Tuktoyuktuk about 15 km out of town. It is amazing how far you can see in the tundra landscape. As we approached the destination it felt really good but it truly was not about this destination but the journey, the people and ultimately clean disease-free water saving lives and transforming whole villages. Yes, we touched the Arctic, Pacific and the Atlantic-Sea to Sea to Sea, it is over but we trust the impact will be for a life time for the 65 -70 villages who get wells.  

Our camping spot is right on the shore of the Arctic Ocean! Tomorrow we will spend the day in Tuk.