Day 17 – Sites Along the Way

It was nice to be home. Anne-Marie saw us off for the final five days of the cycling4water project. Today I cycled alone because Alain stayed home an extra day and Timo  drove the RV. He found it a bit boring waiting for me at different places but every stop was welcome because it rained the whole day.


For me it was interesting to see many sites along the way and take a few photos in spite of the rain like this one of fisherman under a bridge near Montebello,


the Fassett ferry,


a cross decorated with hearts,


an ice-fishing hut depot with hundreds of huts – obviously a favorite winter past-time for many Quebecois,


many beautiful homes  (of which I didn’t take any photos) and in the Mirabel region many farms.


At the end of the day we were welcomed by Jean-Michel, Murielle and their three daughters. They served us a wonderful steak dinner. Tomorrow we will be speaking in their church.