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Day 2: North Bound

Day 2: North Bound

Today’s drive from Prince George to Meziadin Lake Provincial Park was a bit longer than expected because of some errands in Prince George, a few extra stops on the way and road construction.

We had great weather with an amazing mix of beautiful country side. Lunch was in a park in Vanderhoof, which happens to be the geographic center of BC.  I realized will missed all these views last year because of cloudy weather.

Reid is handling the long drive with the benefit of four adults that alternate as his play mates. Richard and Reid were having so much fun. It must have taken a lot out of them!

The area around our camp site has lots of critters. Our first bear made an appearance as we drove into the region. Another was spotted on the roadside before we pulled into our campsite just before 9 pm.  Meziadin Lake is just 65 km from the BC border with Alaska.