Day 20 – Mission Accomplished!

It’s the last day! I started off alone so that Timo and Alain could wash and prepare the RV for Timo’s brother who would begin using it in Montreal Aug 17th. I didn’t have far to go though when I met a group of cyclists doing “Cycle Canada.” We had meet up with some near Thunder Bay in 2014. I had wondered if we would meet any this year.


The leader set a blistering pace between 33 and 35 km/hr but I was able to draft with the rest of the pack for about 20 km. It has been fun to meet other cyclists along the way these past 20 days.


Timo rejoined me for the last half of the day.


One of the things I like about cycling rural Quebec is all the pretty homes. Here are a few.




The last day was also the second shortest. It was all over too fast! I was so focused on properly finding our way through Quebec City streets that I forgot about the finish until we were only 50 meters away! Here is our victory photo with Paul Malicki our host for the evening.