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Day 41: Day off in Fredericton

We are being hosted by the Cornerstone Church. They have been really good to us, with dinner last night before we made our presentation, then lunch today after the service. Thank you folks at Cornerstone!DSC_6243Today an amazing thing happened; a fellow at the service donated a drilling truck. He purchased it second hand a few years ago with the desire that it would be used in Africa. He ordered all the parts then his repair guy left town for work elsewhere. It has sat at the back of his car dealership since. So today he gave it to us! He said he will have it all fixed, painted and put it on a better truck and even pay to have it shipped to Africa. Wow! Thank you Jerry and Diane!DSC_6272After lunch we had the most wonderful relaxing afternoon. Our hosts live on the bank of the St. John River and have a pool. We really enjoyed the quiet afternoon. Jacquie and Richard did a little kayaking on the river. DSC_6296

Richard got the clippers out so we all got a little trim except Jacquie.  DSC_6293What a encouraging and relaxing day in Fredericton. Just what the doctor ordered.