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Day 5: North Bound

Day 5: North Bound

This is the last day of our road trip north to Dawson City! Since Whitehorse is the last major city we will be in for a while, we had a few stops here to stock up before we left this morning.

Just outside Whitehorse, our route turned north leaving the Alaska Highway and connecting with the Klondike Highway. The road followed some large lakes that ascended into a high plateau with lots of rolling hills, bogs, lakes, spruce and stretches of aspen.  

Coffee break today involve a stop for a Yukon size cinnamon bun at Braeburn Lodge! Reid was very excited about this. A few others were too.

Road work was the theme of the afternoon with large tracks of dirt tracks. Driving the paved section felt a bit like a roller coaster and made you understand why there is so much road construction.

Just before pulling into Dawson City we had a view of where the Dempster Hwy would take us. This picture shows the mountain range we will cycle over. Rain moved in just as we were setting up in our camp ground.