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Day 9: Dempster Highway – 152 km

Day 9: Dempster Highway – 152 km

Overnight it rained but it stopped before we hit the road. The nice thing about all the rain is… NO DUST! We started peddling at about 7:30 am with a layer of fog that slowly dissipated leading into a mix of sun and cloud. Good news to was very little wind!

Nothing flat! You may remember I mentioned in yesterday post the hope that things would flatten out. Well, that did not happen! We had incredible hill climbs for 113 KM, all the way to the Arctic Circle. Most of time we were on a high ridge with views in both directions. Amazing beautiful views. The road was not as smooth today, which combined with the hills made for a long challenging day. Rough roads added to a growing saddle tenderness and a painful hands, arms and shoulders.

See the road, we climbed from there!

When we arrived at the Arctic Circle rest area, Jacquie surprised me with a birthday cake.  How many people get to celebrate their birthday at the Arctic Circle? 

Leaving the Arctic Circle, we were delighted with a generally downhill ride, a welcome relief! We arrived at our campsite at 8:30. Jacquie went ahead to set up the campsite and get dinner started, one of my favorites, burgers! She has done an amazing job keeping us feed and organized!

The last two nights we have stayed in pull outs on the road. Tonight, we are at Rock River Yukon Territorial campground. No electricity or showers again. Rain started just as we ended our dinner! Amazing.