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Pedal Clips!

Last week I bought new shoes with “clip in pedals” for my bike. To this point I have not used these type of shoes when cycling, but people have urged me to get them. My first ride with the new gear was going fine till I had to stop for traffic while cycling to work one day last week. I rode up the bike lane alongside a long line of stopped cars, but I had to finally stop as well. Panic hit as I attempted to pull my shoes from the pedals, because they would not release! I pulled, and pulled without success, just picturing all the drivers I had just passed, watching my dilemma. I could also picture myself lying on the pavement unable to get up, feet securely clipped in. I headed for a mail box that I could grab onto to escape the embarrassment of a spill on the pavement which also provided a leaning post while I sought to solve my problem.  The thought hit me… “How do you expect to ride across Canada if you can’t even get your feet out of pedal clips.”    -Mike