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Giving People an Opportunity to do Something Good!

Giving People an Opportunity to do Something Good!

This phase may capture the spirit of our cycling 4 water ride. Many times good hearted people hear about a problem or a need and feel a bit overwhelmed. The question comes to mind, “What can I do?”

When we hear statements like a child dies every 90 seconds from water related disease or 750 million people lack access to clean water it seems overwhelming and can be heart breaking. What can we really do?

Through our ride we want to give people the opportunity to do something. It can be to provide water for one person, a family or a village. Plus we hope the word gets out that even what we perceive as a small act can make a big difference to someone else through simply providing clean disease free water.  We hope you take this opportunity to transform 65 villages by helping us provide wells in Benin, Togo and Tanzania.