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1 of the 65

1 of the 65

Why 1 of 65?

This year our goal is 65 water wells as we are all around 65 years of age and the journey across Canada will take about 65 days. 

How can you be 1 of the 65?

  • Give $8500 or
  • Give the first $850 and find 9 people to give $850 or
  • Challenge 85 friends and acquaintances to give $100 each – the cost of coffee for a month, or one night out on the town or a new pair of shoes or
  • Give $8500 and ask 2 friends to do the same and provide 3 wells! or
  • Your own creative plan …

What do you get besides a tax receipt? You get the satisfaction of knowing …

  • around 1,000 people will receive clean water for their lifetime,
  • villagers will receive hygiene & sanitation training to help restore health,
  • children in that community will have greater potential to escape being a statistic. (The World Health Organization estimates that one child dies every 21 seconds as a result of a water related disease.)
  • women and children no longer carry water over great distances allowing the children to attend school and the women to develop small businesses. Economic activity  and hope for the children’s future is stimulated.

Be 1 of the 65 and help save lives!

Be a champion and donate an entire well or join the team’s fundraising efforts by starting your own campaign and rally people to the cause.