Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of donors the 2014 cycling4water team provided clean drinking water to 33 villages in Benin, Togo, Ethiopia and Tanzania through their Victoria to  St. John’s ride.

This summer our sights are set on Sea 2 Sea 2 Sea: Tuktoyaktuk to Prince Rupert to Halifax. Our goal is to provide 65 villages with a capped, deep water well.

Just $8.50 provide clean disease free water to one person.

Here’s what your donation will provide:

$ 34 = water for life for 4 people
$ 85 = water for life for 10 people
$ 170 = water for life for 20 people
$ 425 = water for life for 50 people
$ 1900 = water for life for 200 people
$ 8500 (the cost of a well) = water for life for 1,000 people.

Donate On-Line

You can donate any amount online via credit card by clicking the “Donate” button below. On the page that opens you need to decide to  do one of three things:

  • give to Cycling 4 Water directly (click “Donate Now” underneath the amount raised)
  • or join the team and invite others to help you our your group reach your goal (click “Join the Team” underneath the amount raised and register yourself or your group)
  • or give to an existing team member or group to help them achieve their goal. (click on the team member’s or group’s name, then click “Donate Now”)

After making your choice, please click the “Donate” button bellow and follow the instructions that appear. It is easy and quick.


Donate by Cheque

To do so, please make the cheque payable to Global Aid Network and mail to the address below with a note that you want to designate the donation to Cycling 4 Water. Do not forget to include your name and address in the note to receive your tax receipt at the end of the year if you live in Canada.

Please mail your cheque to:

Global Aid Network
20385 64 Avenue
Langley, BC   V2Y 1N5

*Please make the cheque payable to Global Aid Network.