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Plan B

Plan B

With the continued closure of the NWT, we have changed our routing. The result is we have a few more days we can use to shorten long days of driving going north. We can also shorten some 240 plus km cycling days by adding in the extra days that are now available. So today we would have arrived in Whitehorse but that arrival in now scheduled for Friday.

Touching moment… When we stopped in Smithers two people noticed the support vehicle and gave us money for water wells.

Tonight we will stay in the Meziadin Lake Provincial Campground. The change in driving distances allowed us time to cycle. So today we cycled for 55 km just for fun. In that short distance, we encountered our first bear, a grizzly bear.  It was on the opposite shoulder of the road; a little close for our liking. We started yelling and it turned and headed into the woods. We do have bear spray but it was in the motor home. So we decided unpack the bear spray.