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New Friends on a Rough Road

New Friends on a Rough Road

Leaving Meziadin Junction this morning, we headed north on Hwy 37. The road was very rough in sections and will make for some challenging cycling conditions on our return trip. At times it was cold, windy and rainy. We encountered a black bear and a little fox. We slowed to a stop for the fox. This friendly little fox sat down and we had a little chat. He seemed to listen.  Maybe he was looking for a handout? We did not try this technique with the bear.

Another highlight was a conversation with the first cyclist we’ve passed in northern BC. Ross started this ride from Toronto in May. As you can see he does not travel light. This ride is one of many trips he has taken in almost every region of Canada. Our ride would be a very difference experience if we were packing all our gear on our bikes.

Our destination today was Jade City. The owner of the Jade Store gave us free parking overnight, plus access to internet. We have been without cell service since just north of Smithers and that will continue till we reach Whitehorse tomorrow.