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Day 27: Sault Saint Marie – Half Way!!

This week had 3 days of over 200 km rides so we were definitely ready for a day off. Plus we have hit the half way mark of the trip!!!Got to have a relaxing start to the day and enjoyed a second, maybe a third cup of coffee before heading off to Bethel Bible Chapel. Rob did the sermon and I presented the Cycling4Water plan and goals. We were thrilled when almost $11,000 came in for wells from the folks at Bethel. One couple covered the cost of a well, $8,500. So that put our well count up to 23 and working on 24! Here’s a shot of our hosts from Bethel. DSC_5481After a lunch at the church we had a free afternoon that included a nap! Then, Rob the trusting soul, let me take 4 of his nine stitches out this afternoon. The other five need a bit more time. photo(55)Rob is feeling better but the recovery is slow. His hip and groin are still really tender and painful but is starting to have more mobility.  We have no idea when he will be able to cycle with the team. He is helping with arrangements and doing interviews with the newspapers and radio as they come up. Sault Saint MarieJacquie, Richard and Timo went on a city tour with our hosts in the late afternoon. This is a stock photo to give you a glimpse of the Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. We so appreciate the wonderful people that have hosted us and the generous folks that have given to the project in Sault Saint Marie! Tomorrow starts a new week.


Day 2

Our day started at 6:30 am with a “Home Town” send off in Abbotsford. The Mayor Bruce Banman and MLA Mike de Jong attended along with about 40 family and friends. Our first leg from Abbotsford to Mission was a ride along with Mike de Jong joining us, my daughter and 7 year old grandson and a few others.

We hit high gear leaving Mission because our goal for the day was Lytton, an ambitious 200 km day. We had a great day with wind at our backs blew us out of the Fraser Valley. We had some significant up hills and 7 tunnels along the way that tested our training. The temperature reached 35 degrees. All passed the test.

We pulled into Lytton at 8 pm, so a very long day! We had some surprise gifts along the way, 18 candy bars, $100 cash, a family in our camp ground saw the RV and wanted to donate. A local youth group came by and gave us a donation.