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Day 0 and Day 1

Day 0 was prep day.Columbia RV We visited some of our Sponsors… Columbia Cabinets.FraserWay RV Cycling4WaterFraserWay RVHome HardwareBlackwood Home Hardware… Our jerseys were not ready so they had an option for us!John DeerePrairieCoast equipment John Deere on the way…

Then we were off too Victoria. Here we are starting at the shore line at Mile 0…Beach Speaking of Mile 0…Mile 0We were off on a beautiful day at 7 am led on our way by a wonderful lady who knew the best way to the ferry. Had a great ride on the ferry, an interview with City TV and then off to Abbotsford, for 109 km!


We Have Wheels

RV P Side 3 Our support vehicle is ready to go. What a huge help this will be. Cycling with all your gear on the bike vs. riding with a support vehicle is two very different experiences. I’m excited about having a support vehicle. This will make the 8000 km seem like a ride in the park. LOL! Many thanks to FraserWay RV! Jake and the team at Bourquin Printing did a great job.

RV Back Cropped