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The question

“I want to cycle across Canada in 2014. Do you want to join me?”

This question was part of a conversation between Mike and Rob, two long-time friends, that has become Cycling 4 Water: a ride across Canada to raise awareness and funds, in partnership with GAiN, for water wells in Africa. Three others — two other cyclists, Timo and Richard, and Jacquie, Richard’s wife, who will drive the support vehicle — are now joining them on this 8000 km journey from Victoria, BC to St. Johns, NF.Map Relief cropped


Why cycle for water?

When we want a drink of water, we grab a glass and turn on the tap. We barely give it a second thought. This is not the case for millions of women and children in rural Africa. They walk an hour or two, carry a heavy container of water back home and hope they have enough for their family. Not only is the water difficult to obtain but it often carries disease.

A deep, capped well that delivers clean water saves lives, improves health and transforms an entire community! Children are less sick. They go to school instead of fetching water. Their moms devote more time to their families and home businesses.

How can I be involved?

  1. Donate towards a well
  2. Host us
  3. Ride with us
  4. Sponsor the team