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The Spark Smolders

Every major undertaking starts with a vision – a spark that starts the whole process of dreaming, planning and action. But where does the vision, the spark come from? Most of the time it starts small and builds.

1983-08 Bike trip 01
Who is that handsome guy on the right? Aug 1983

In August 1983, I was cycle-touring with two friends in the Maritimes. On the ferry from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island we meet an 18 year-old fellow and his dad. The son had cycled alone from Vancouver to Moncton, NB. His dad had flown into Moncton to join his son for the end of his cross-Canada ride. I remember thinking, “That’s amazing!”  But honestly, I didn’t give it a second thought.

1983-08 Bike trip 11
August 1983 – Prince Edward Island, Wood Island Ferry

Fast forward to 2001. I was cycling with my nephew, David, from Toronto to Montreal. During that trip David spoke of his dream to cycle around the world. I said to myself, “That would be amazing!” Then David suggested we cycle across Canada in preparation for his ride. I didn’t know what to say. In the end David’s plans fell apart, but a spark had been kindled in my mind.

2001-08 Cycling w David 10
August 2001 – Hwy 2 near Coburg, Ontario

I began to think, “It would be amazing to cycle across Canada.” But I also knew I would never want to do it alone. I had done one cycle-touring trip in central BC  alone.  I told myself that I would never do that again. I had no one with whom to share the experiences.

But who could I possibly find? Who would consider such a trip? Who would have the time, interest and capacity? The idea smoldered for years. I didn’t actively seek anyone to do it.

Stay tuned for: The Spark Ignites.