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Thousand Little Miracles

Thousand Little Miracles

“It was a journey of a thousand little miracles,” shares Lyndon Dojohn, our road manager and the Church Partnership Director for GAiN, as he reflects on the ride.

It has been a few months since we rode from Dawson City, Yukon, to Prince Rupert, BC to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since then, Global Aid Network (GAiN), the worldwide humanitarian relief and development organization that we partnered with, has started to drill the deep-capped wells so that individuals in 65 communities will have access to clean water through the 65 wells that you helped us raised through this ride..  

Access to clean water changes everything, especially for young girls and women. Because of your support for C4W, in these villages there will be

• an increase in girls’ attendance in school,

• a drastic reduction in malnutrition and sickness,

• more time for women to focus on the wellbeing of their families and communities,

• an improvement in the local economy,

• an understanding of God’s unconditional love, and

• local leaders trained.

It is so satisfying to think that 65 villages will be transformed by something as simple as clean water! Not to mention the profound impact that comes through the story of the Living Water through the presentation of the JESUS Film.

A highlight of the trip was the profound privilege of meeting so many kind and generous people! We are thankful! Part of the thousand little miracles are the people who hosted and encouraged us each day as well as our sponsors.

So what is next?

GAiN will be planning a trip (called a LIFE Team) for those who are interested in visiting a few of the water wells in Africa that was provided through the Cycling 4 Water ride.

Are you interested in joining? If you would like to be updated on potential trip dates and information, go to globalaid.net/C4Wtrip and fill out the short form.