Longest Ride Ever


Three days and three cyclists… This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday was a dress rehearsal for the big trip. Our goal was Abbotsford to Kamloops, BC, a 365 km ride. Timo, Richard and I pulled out of Abbotsford just after lunch on Thursday in the rain which stayed with us most of the 96 km till we called it a day. We were happy to have Jacquie, Richard’s wife, providing support in the motor home plus she’s a great cook!


Friday stated out in the rain, added to that were three stops for tire problems and I took a spill fortunately resulting in only a bloodied lip and hurt pride. After a late lunch our ride was stalled again by a serious accident that closed the #1 Hwy. Did not open till after 7 pm so we loaded the bikes up on the motor home and found a camp ground in Lytton. We only hit 63 km mark for the day.


Saturday we hit the road a 9 am. No rain and some beautiful views of the Fraser Canyon. This 122 km day had some significant climbs! The wind seemed to change directions randomly giving us great assistance at times and endurance training at others. We called it a day at 6 pm just short of Kamloops. Our 365 km ride turned into a 280 km ride but what a great trip! The longest ride for Richard and me. It gave us some great experience with hills, rain, drafting and travel in a motor home. Sure puts the next two months before the big ride into perspective when it comes to training!

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