One Well Challenge: Sponsor a Well, Transform a Village

One Well Challenge: Sponsor a Well, Transform a Village

Providing clean and safe water to a village changes so many things… Death and Disease The World Health Organization has stated that on a global basis “a child dies every

Drink This…?

Drink This…?

I did a training ride last night on the indoor trainer. After I grabbed the water container from the refrigerator, I noticed a smudge on it. My first thought was,

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this?

TODAY, a child dies every 21 seconds from a water-related disease. Learn More

Many, many thanks! My heart is filled with thanksgiving!

for Mike Woodard and his response when I first asked him in July 2012 if he would be willing to join me in cycling across Canada. He said, “I can’t

Day 20 – Celebration

Samuel, who works with GAiN out of Montreal, met us in Quebec City and treated us to a celebration supper. It was the first time we ate in a restaurant other

Day 20 – Mission Accomplished!

It’s the last day! I started off alone so that Timo and Alain could wash and prepare the RV for Timo’s brother who would begin using it in Montreal Aug 17th. I didn’t have

Day 19 – The Last of the Long Days

Many thanks to Jean-Michel, his wife, Murielle and there three daughters for the warm and friendly welcome that made us feel very much at home during our stay in Deux

Day 18 – Our Last Rest Day

It started off meeting with the wonderful people of the Église évangélique de Deux Montagnes where we had an opportunity to speak about GAiN and the deep, capped water wells. We

Day 17 – Sites Along the Way

It was nice to be home. Anne-Marie saw us off for the final five days of the cycling4water project. Today I cycled alone because Alain stayed home an extra day and

Day 16 – Home Sweet Home

Today it rained almost the whole day but it was a welcome relief from the heat of the previous 2 days.  We finally left the province of Ontario behind.  We aren’t

Day 15 – Mattawa Hills

I anticipated a demanding day today, even though it would be 50 km shorter than the day before. There were multiple reasons. There was no tail wind. We would have

Day 14 – Riding the Thin White Line

Today the roads were the exact opposite of yesterday’s. For almost the entire distance they were smooth and without cracks. I couldn’t believe it. We frequently ride on the white