Day 42: Fredericton to Moncton 178 km

We started our day at 6:30 am fresh from our day off! The morning the sky was cloud covered as we left Fredericton. We followed the St. John river for about 50 km then left the river valley to head south to Moncton. photo 2

The sun came out and it was a beautiful day. We made great time. Once we left the river valley the road had a gentle roll up and down, through dense forest and then into some some really fine farm land. photo 3(1)Coffee break at about the 60 km mark is part of our routine each day.  Normally it’s in the RV but today it was so nice we sat outdoors. photo(132)As we came into Moncton we came across a new crop we have not seen yet… Sunflowers!  photo 4We are being hosted tonight by St. Georges and St. Phillips Anglican Churches. Dinner was great, one of my favorites, roast beef. We were too focused to even look at the camera. DSC_6348During the whole trip it has been a delight to meet with people who care about getting clean water to those who do not have it. Tonight was no exception, it was a great time of interaction  sharing the story of our journey and the need for clean water. DSC_6357Another great day on an amazing journey!

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