Day 57/58: Halifax and Home Sweet Home

The “Cruise” to Nova Scotia, Sydney Terminal from Newfoundland docked at about 9:30 am. Timo and I had a beautiful sunny day to drive into Halifax to return the RV. IMG_0988[1]We left our faithful traveling companion to be unwrapped and put back into rental service.  It was a strange moment, it felt like saying goodbye to an old friend. The RV and wrap were so helpful!! Big THANK YOU to FraserWay RV for the support vehicle and Columbia Cabinets for covering the cost of the wrap! IMG_0989[1]Thank you to our hosts in Halifax, Velma, Lisa and Joe, for treating us to Bar B Q steaks and a good nights sleep before heading to the airport a 6 am. My traveling buddies, Dino and Ray are looking forward to be reunited with my grandsons, Domonic and Coby!!IMG_0991[1]Landing in Abbotsford seemed to be the final moment of an amazing journey from Victoria to St. Johns. When we arrived in Victoria on the last day of June we had no idea what the almost 8000 km trek across Canada would hold in store. I remember having some doubts… Could our bodies handle the physical challenge? Would we be able to keep the pace/schedule? Would we be effective at raising the funds and making people aware of the profound need for clean water? After 58 days, about 50 presentations, 6 TV interviews, several radio and newspaper articles I think the answer is yes… DSC_8081Cycling4Water 2014 is finished. The transformation for 29-30 villages that will receive clean disease free water is coming thanks to a lot of people who joined a team of 5 (4 skinny cyclists and a support vehicle driver) to save lives and change the future for 30,000 people in desperate need. IMG_0914[1]Wow what a great way to celebrate a 60th birthday! Thank you!

PS: People have asked if they can still donate. The answer is yes! Some of the pledges will not come in till this fall so the website will be active for a few more months. I also have some “Lessons from the Road” I will post in the next few weeks.

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