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16 Wells Pledged

16 Wells Pledged

This sounds like a jokeā€¦ What does a farmer, a chiropractor, an old friend, an 11 year old girl, a moving company and a church have in common? In this

Kids Should Have Clean Water

YES, kids should have clean water! Yet, millions do not have a source for clean water resulting in sickness and death. You can be part of the solutions by making

Ride with a View

This weekend was a 100 Km weekend outdoors, two rides of about 50 km each. Sure beats riding indoors on a trainer. I should have had a another layer on,

Timo Itkonen: Joining the Cross Canada Team!

Timo Itkonen: Joining the Cross Canada Team!

Timo (far left) was born in Finland. In 1956, at the age of five, he moved with his parents, two brothers, and one sister to Northern Ontario. Six years later

Born in 1954?

Did you know 436,198 people were born in 1954 according to Stats Canada. We should have a big birthday party! That might not happen but I got to thinking… What

New Team Members

New Team Members

Richard and I are not cyclists! We are mountaineers and avid outdoor enthusiasts. I have known Mike for many years and during this time we have learned that we share

Big Heart…

Sam is 11. She’s a little lady with a big heart. With the approval and help from her parents, Samantha has signed on to raise the funds for one well.

Fraser Canyon

I drove though the Fraser Canyon yesterday on my way to Jasper to check the roads for cycling next summer. It was a perfect day and the canyon is amazing.

Exciting News! Our First Sponsor

Fraserway RV in Abbotsford, BC has agreed to loan us a motor home to use for our ride across Canada! This is a huge part of the puzzle. A support

60 Days, 8000km, 60 Wells

60 Days, 8000km, 60 Wells

This ride across Canada creates moments of feeling overwhelmed! First the thought of 60 days of riding, then the distance of almost 8000 km. On top of that is our