Day 12 – Helping and being Helped

Today was the beginning of the second half of our cycling. It is hard to believe that in 8 days it will all be over! ┬áTimo and I stopped in Echo Bay at the memorial to the designer of the loonie, ┬áRobert Ralph Carmichael. I was reminded of the boy at Duncan’s camp who gave us a loonie for the wells from his snack (or tuck) money.


We needed an early start, just after 7 AM when it was only 11 Celsius, because we had a long day ahead of us – 206 km. Much of the first part was through Amish country.


After lunch I did the next 50 km stretch alone until I caught up to Camille Dionne who is cycling from northwest BC, where she had done tree planting as a summer job, to Montreal. I couldn’t believe that she too was wearing a watermelon helmet just like Patrick, with whom we hooked up outside Kenora. She traveled the final 40 km with us to Massey, ON with her pannier bags in our RV and drafting with Timo and I. She had no trouble matching our speed.


We did arrive in time for a shower, a quick supper to get to the Lighthouse where we shared about GAiN and the wells. They warmly welcomed us, listened attentively, asked many questions and gave generously. Thank you to the folks of the Lighthouse for helping with the cause and to Mark and Jan who are hosting us for the evening.