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One Well Challenge: Sponsor a Well, Transform a Village

One Well Challenge: Sponsor a Well, Transform a Village

Providing clean and safe water to a village changes so many things…

Death and Disease

The World Health Organization has stated that on a global basis “a child dies every 20 seconds as a result of waterborne disease” (World Health Organization).

By providing deep-capped water wells, Global Aid Network (GAiN) helps bring an end to the cycle of disease and death that has plagued people all their lives. To help transform a life holistically, GAiN provides hands-on hygiene and sanitation training to aid villagers in preventing disease as well as Gender Sensitivity Training that teaches the equal value of men and women. In some villages, Family Health Training Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Training and other community development is conducted.

Life Styles are Transformed

Women and children no longer have to seek out and carry water long distances. They have better general health to lead productive lives. This frees them to engage in productive activities such as school and work.

Living Water is Offered

Through GAiN’s partnership with the local indigenous church, villagers have an opportunity to hear about the unconditional love of Jesus Christ through the JESUS film and one-on-one evangelism. This results in the strengthening of existing churches and new churches planted.

One Well Challenge: Consider a…

Family Well: Invite the family… mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grand parents to adopt a village. Create a deep bond and family identity by working together to help others

Memorial Well: Honour the memory of a loved one by giving life to others.

My Heroes Well: Honor your personal heroes, living and dead, people that have impacted your life and made a significant contribution to who you are today.

Company Well: A charitable project can improve your business and work culture by creating a team spirit through humanitarian impact. Your project can communicate your heart to employees, customers and the community.

Church Well: Adopt a village. Use a well project to involve the whole church community in a very tangible project that will provide clear water and living water to a village. Think of ways to involve each segment of the congregation from kids to grandparents.

Community Well: Make a community to community commitment. Adopt a “sister” village.

Friends Well: Be a catalyst in your circle of friends. Use your influence to give others the opportunity to do something good. Divide a well in shares and ask your friends to invest in one share of your “Friends” well. Example: 100 shares at $85 dollars each or 10 shares at $850 each.

Reverse Birthday Well: Do you have a significant birthday coming? After a certain age, they are all significant. Tell all your friends and family you would like their help to give a present rather than receiving one. Make a memorable birthday and transform a village at the same time.

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3) Follow on-screen instructions

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