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Wind at my Back… People!

Mike Woodard & Bike

This past week the weather cooperated, so I cycled outdoors. This out and back training ride was about 40 km or 25 miles through the Fraser Valley. The first leg was almost due east, so I was feeling good, moving right along and thinking, “Wow, I’m in good form!” Then I began to wonder, ”Is there a wind at my back?” The answer was not really clear until I headed back, going west. I had taken the benefit of the wind for granted on the smooth ride east.

Being a bit philosophical, I began to think about people. There are those in my life that are “Wind-at-my-back people” who have propelled me forward through their wise words, help, encouragement and friendship. Some have traveled long distances and others just a few steps with me, but each has made my journey a bit easier and smoother even in the uphill stretches. I’m so thankful for and blessed by these people. I’m going to start telling them, “Hey, did you know that you are a wind-at-my-back person? Thank you!”

This Cycling4Water project has gathered many “Wind-at-My-Back People” already. These folks have been encouraging me with cheering words, website building, wise advice about equipment, a loan of a motor home, sharing on Facebook or giving donations ranging from $10 to a $8500 (a whole well)! All I can say is THANK YOU!

16 Wells Pledged


This sounds like a joke… What does a farmer, a chiropractor, an old friend, an 11 year old girl, a moving company and a church have in common?

In this case it is a wonderful combination. Each has pledged to cover the cost of one water well. That means with 16 wells pledged we are 27 % toward our goal of 60 wells.

Wow this is exciting! Picture GAiN’s crews drilling wells in 16 villages. Think of the look on the faces of about 16,000 men, women and children when clean water starts to flow from a deep water well right in their village. I like the picture!

THANK YOU to our first 6 partners and the 10 others that have followed! We look forward to hitting the 60 well goal together.

Exciting News! Our First Sponsor


Fraserway RV in Abbotsford, BC has agreed to loan us a motor home to use for our ride across Canada! This is a huge part of the puzzle. A support vehicle will make the trip less stressful on our bodies! A motor home, as a place to eat and sleep, will make the trip more cost effective. What a generous gift! This motor home will truly be a vehicle to adventure. Thank you Fraserway RV!!