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Benin: Day 3

Benin: Day 3

Today it was our pleasure to visit a church that was planted in conjunction with a well provided in 2019. The church members welcomed us warmly. Rob gave the message in French and then it was translated into the local language which is Fon.

Colorful and energetic are two words that come to mind when I think of the service. Worship was filled with drums, dance, songs and responsive prayer. The people brighten the very simple worship center with their colorful clothing and joyful worship.

After the sermon, the pastor expressed his appreciation for our visit and for the blessing of clean water. He then invited each of us to share why we came to Benin and about ourselves. It is clear that time is viewed in a different way here. This was a lengthy service, everyone was clearly enjoying the opportunity to hear our stories. Even the children listen and seems content to linger with their parents.

Richard and Annette

The well in this location is unique. Most of the wells in this area have hand pumps. This well is 67 meters/220 feet deep so an electric pump is needed to bring the water to the surface. The storage tank allows for the water to be stored and dispensed.

This crystal-clear water is in stark contrast to the water from the local stream which was the former source of water for the village.

What a wonderful day to catch glimpses of what a well has accomplished in a village; a clear illustration of the impact of clean water and the living water in this spot. On the drive back to Cotonou, we past a voodoo ceremony. Benin is known as the birthplace of voodoo. Its presence is still clearly visible.