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When the cycling4water team crossed Canada, Victoria to St. Johns in 2014, scores of people and groups hosted the team to speak and in their homes – providing supper, letting them park the support vehicle (motor home) overnight and providing a bed or two. With their participation the team was able to raise over $275,000 to provide 33 deep-capped water wells. Now over 33,000 African men, women and children have clean, disease-free drinking water! It couldn’t have been done without the hosts!

Two ways to host the team:

  • invite the team to speak in your community.
  • offer to meet their practical overnight needs.

Two ways to tell us about your interest:

Email info@cycling4water.ca


Host Registration Form

    To a group of my friendsTo a youth groupTo my colleagues at workTo a community organizationTo a church

    Parking for the RVElectrical hook-up for the RVSupperBreakfastAccess to a showerAccess to a washer and dryerOne or more beds