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We had a bit of surprise this morning. The schedule had us attending a church service with Mike preaching but no location. The surprise was that the service was at

Today was a R&R day. We played tourist in the morning and shopping in the afternoon. Our tourist experience was a guided tour of the 4 km Slave Road that

Our day was spent in a village where we provided our unskilled labour to the construction team of three that were building a new church. The church was planted in

The GAiN office is very near the ocean. In fact, we can see it from the roof top meeting area. Our schedule has been so full, today was the first

As you might guess, a key link in the providing wells is the drilling rig and team. GAiN Benin has 3 drill rig teams engaged full time. Today, we traveled

Our day started with an introduction to the GAiN Benin staff team. GAiN was launched in Benin by the GAiN Canadian in 2005 and since then this partnership has resulted

We planned a slow start to the day, coffee at 8 am. Then we had bacon and blueberry pancakes at the picnic table on the edge of the Arctic Ocean!

Overnight it rained but it stopped before we hit the road. The nice thing about all the rain is… NO DUST! We started peddling at about 7:30 am with a