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Day 14: A Tough Day!

Day 14: A Tough Day!

We started our day a 4:45 am to get to a live Global TV interview at 6:15. We have done 3 other TV interviews but they have all been recorded interviews.  This one was a bit more stressful because it was live. Not editing..

photo(16)This is our longest day so far… Turned out to be 223 km. We had such a great tail wind all last week. No tail wind today, for most of the day we had a cross wind or a head wind. It was a long tough day, 11 1/2 hours on the road including breaks and meals. We did cross over the 2000 km mark for our trip.

ReginaThe flat prairie was not so flat at least between Saskatoon and Regina. The road had a mix of hills, narrow shoulders and rough pavement.  I would not recommend Hwy 11 for cycling from Saskatoon to Regina.  We stopped at Davidson for an newspaper interview. Davidson has the largest coffee pot in the world but we were told they do not have a coffee shop!

coffee potOur night finished of with a presentation at the Discovery Baptist Church. The folks were waiting to applaud and cheer when we came into the parking lot. Had a great evening with them. We also had a special guest, MP Ralph Goodale.  We were encouraged by his ringing endorsement of the project and his  willingness to come out to support our efforts. Great News! The church  committed to a well! That make 21 pledged.

DBC EditTough day, full day, a good day!!!