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Day 27: Sault Saint Marie – Half Way!!

This week had 3 days of over 200 km rides so we were definitely ready for a day off. Plus we have hit the half way mark of the trip!!!Got to have a relaxing start to the day and enjoyed a second, maybe a third cup of coffee before heading off to Bethel Bible Chapel. Rob did the sermon and I presented the Cycling4Water plan and goals. We were thrilled when almost $11,000 came in for wells from the folks at Bethel. One couple covered the cost of a well, $8,500. So that put our well count up to 23 and working on 24! Here’s a shot of our hosts from Bethel. DSC_5481After a lunch at the church we had a free afternoon that included a nap! Then, Rob the trusting soul, let me take 4 of his nine stitches out this afternoon. The other five need a bit more time. photo(55)Rob is feeling better but the recovery is slow. His hip and groin are still really tender and painful but is starting to have more mobility.  We have no idea when he will be able to cycle with the team. He is helping with arrangements and doing interviews with the newspapers and radio as they come up. Sault Saint MarieJacquie, Richard and Timo went on a city tour with our hosts in the late afternoon. This is a stock photo to give you a glimpse of the Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. We so appreciate the wonderful people that have hosted us and the generous folks that have given to the project in Sault Saint Marie! Tomorrow starts a new week.


Day 22: Rain… Upsula to Thunder Bay 155 km

I mentioned we did not have a host last night. The camp ground became our host. They did not charge us for the night because they like what we are attempting to accomplish!!

Over night there was a thunder and lighting storm. We started our day in heavy rain. The first of the trip. Shortly after we left Upsula we saw a wolf along the road! It did not wait around for a photo opportunity.

I have fairly good rain gear but after an hour or so I was totally soaked! We crossed into a new time zone…

photo(39)The good news is the rain only lasted for about an hour and we had a tail wind! By the time we got close to Thunder Bay the sun was out and we were dry! What a beautiful area. According to google maps we have gone just over 3300 km. We are not half way yet!

photo(37)When we got to Thunder Bay Rob and Jacquie needed a couple things for the RV so they stopped at the local Home Hardware. Robyn was so kind to give them to us for free!! Got to love our wonderful sponsors!

DSC_5093Because it was a short day, we got to our host’s home at about 4 pm. Jim and Lynda make us a nice dinner.  Then we were off to a presentation at the Hilldale Lutheran Church. Really enjoyed the time with the folks there. Timo has some Finnish friends who attend this church.

DSC_5107To rap up the evening we stopped to see the Thunder Bay harbor at sunset. With a good view of the “Sleeping Giant” on the far side of the harbor.

photo(38)Here’s another shot of the huge grain elevators in the port.

photo(40)Day 22 started with a hard rain. I really do not like riding in the rain! The day ended as such a wonderful day on so many levels. I’m grateful for the many wonderful people who are making this very challenging and demanding trip a wonderful journey!

Day 21: Dryden to Upsula 211 km

DSC_5020After a great breakfast at Sandi’s we had a 7 am departure from Dryden. What a great community and great people. As we headed out to Upsula with Del (in orange) who rode along with us, Sandi arranged for Jacquie and Rob had an interview with the local newspaper and radio station. Here’s a shot of Sandi and Jacquie.


We enjoyed the cool temperatures and an over cast sky for the first 3 hours of the ride. Del was a great addition to the team, strong cyclist and was willing to be in the lead position to give us draft to start our day. He rode with us for the first 60 km. Thanks Del! Then Richard, Timo and I were on our own. We are missing Rob. He is recovering but may not be cycling with us at all this week.


Our road was classic Northern Ontario rolling hills, lakes and black spruce. We did have some flats which made it feel like we were in a plateau area. The temperatures reach the mid 30’s and was really humid which made the afternoon a challenging ride. We were on the road for 11 ½ hours.  Just 5 km from our camp ground we had our 6th flat!


We have nothing scheduled in Upsula and tonight is the first night since we left Victoria that we do not had a host. So we are at a camp ground on a lake. A swim sure felt good after a long hot day!


At end of a long day I’m amazed at the accomplishment and anticipate what a good night’s sleep will do our very tired bodies but each morning I reflect on the thought that God’s mercies are new each day, great us his faithfulness.