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Day 18: Crazy Wind! Winnipeg to Clearwater Bay, ON – 183km


Our day started early because we had a live City TV interview in downtown Winnipeg at 6:15 am and then a radio interview with CHVN radio at 7:00 am. Both were lots of fun and very positive.

DSC_4759We got on the road at 8 am. The wind made the ride one of the most difficult days we have had. The first three hours we only averaged 15 km/hour. The wind was so strong and in the wrong direction. Seemed so strange to be on a flat road and just pedaling with all your strength and moving so slow. An encouraging moment was when friends stopped along the side of the road and cheered us on. Thanks Craig and Laura!!

photo(26)Once we moved into a more tree lined area it provided some wind break. The whole day we had to manage with crazy wind!

photo(29)We crossed the Longitudinal Centre of Canada, however this does not mean we have reached the half way mark in our ride. We have about another 1200 km before we reach the half way mark in our journey.

photo(31)Today we saw the last glimpse of the prairies and we moved into the beginnings of the Canadian Shield. We loved the prairies but are looking forward to the new landscape in Ontario.

DSC_4781Tonight our hosts are Ron and Irene.  We are joining them at their cottage on Rice Lake near Clearwater Bay, ON just 25 km west of Kenora .  After an 11 hour ride a dip in the lake was so refreshing! This was a night off for our team, no presentations.

DSC_4811As soon as dinner was finished Rob headed back to the hospital to make sure nothing was broken. He is in a lot of pain from his fall yesterday. I just got a text from him affirming nothing is broken. Great news!