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Day 26: Como Lake to Sault Saint Marie 130 km

Our route for the day was atypical because of the detour to visit my sister and brother-in-law at Como Lake. Our plan was to do the equivalent of the distance from Wawa to Sault Saint Marie then finish in the RV.  DSC_5426The ride started under cloudy skies.  We headed south on Hwy 129 with very light traffic, the road almost felt like a bike path with some very challenging hills.

DSC_5436Crossing in and out of the Arctic Watershed made the route seem even more remote. We had some light rain. At the 90 km mark we stopped for lunch. Just as we were finishing a thunder storm moved in with heavy rain. Our plan at that point became driving on hoping the rain would let up so we could finish the remaining 40 km goal for the day.  We sure are thankful for the RV! It is very comfortable even with 5 of us.

DSC_5445The rain did not let up so we drive all the way into Sault Saint Marie. We will make up the 40 kms tomorrow or Monday. Dinner and our hosting was provided by the wonderful folks at Bethel Bible Chapel.