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Day 31: East of Qu’Appelle to Moosomin – 149 KM

Day 31: East of Qu’Appelle to Moosomin – 149 KM

We want more traffic! You might be surprised at this statement but today we had a direct head wind so when trucks passed they gave momentary relief and draft.  Compared to Saturday and Monday, the wind was mild so we were very thankful. The day started and ended overcast but, no rain. Around noon the sun made an appearance.

Our ride today has taken us to the far east side of Saskatchewan, only about 30 km from the Manitoba border. We have moved from cattle country to grain fields to a field forest mix as we crossed the province.  

One member of our team, you have not met is Lady Tuk. She is a small bear from Mike’s granddaughter Zoe. Her name Lady comes from Zoe’s dad’s favorite pet growing up.  Tuk also comes from our desired starting point of Tuktoyaktuk.  She has traveled with us as a reminder that what we are doing is for kids.  Of course, Mike likes having a special reminder of his granddaughter.

Some days she rides along with Mike in his riding jersey.

It is hard to believe that one month from today, September 25th we will be at our destination in Halifax.