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Day 37: Clearwater Bay to Dryden – 167 KM

Day 37: Clearwater Bay to Dryden – 167 KM

After a great breakfast provided by our hosts; we began our trek to Dryden. This took us through Kenora. What a beautiful community and good fishing. You should have seen the one that got away!

We made a pit stop at the local Home Hardware to say thank you for the sponsorship. The response was very enthusiastic. They appreciated that we took the time to drop in.

Our ride on to Dryden took us though rolling hills, lakes and great views. We even had a whole day of sunshine! Rob cycled with us for part of the day again, so far so good with his recovery from tendinitis. It will be great to have him back full time.

The Timbers Community Church in Dryden served us dinner and one of their members Holly and Kurt gave us a place to park over night and will give us breakfast in the morning. What a good day!