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Day 38: Quebec City to Riviere-du-Loup 208 km

We were on the road close to 7 am this morning anticipating a long day because our goal was Riviere-du-Loup in eastern Quebec, a 208 km ride. Jacques led us through the city after a breakfast prepared by Marie-France. DSC_5969The bike path was beautiful and got us through the city without the stress of traffic.photo(123)We followed the river 90% of the day. We had a great view of the old city from the river’s edge.photo(125)Our ride started with a light shower and was cloudy for the morning. The road, Hwy 132, had a few more hills and again had great shoulders for riding. The views were great and the sun came out in the afternoon. photo(120)We had a cross wind and head wind for times though out the day but in the last afternoon we got a wind at our backs that allowed us to cover the last 45 km in record breaking time.  This shot is looking south at what I think is the state of Maine. photo(124)

Our evening is unscheduled so we can get a little more rest. Our team has been speculating about a “cumulative effect” of the many days on the road. Our bounce back has been a little slower. We are all doing well and Rob is adding more km each day. Today he did 160 km with us. DSC_5984Great day, Quebec is a cyclist heaven!