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Elevator Conversation

Friday, July 19.  I was riding up the elevator at work today and a guy got on carrying two bike wheels.  I was curious but didn’t talk to him.  That very same day, on my way out, dressed in my cycling gear for my ride home, the very same guy got on the elevator going down.  I took it as a sign and started to talk with him.  It turns out that he used to custom build bikes, now he only does wheels and he used to ride as an amateur.  I took the plunge and told him about Cycling 4 Water.  He mentioned that he used to be sponsored by a very well-known bike manufacturer.  When I told him that I have been riding their bikes for over 15 years and that I was thinking of approaching them as a sponsor, he said, “Go for it!  You should talk to …” and gave me the name of the person to contact! Not a coincidence in my opinion.