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The Final Sea

The Final Sea

One of the goals for this ride was to cycle Sea to Sea to Sea: Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic. When we realized in July that starting at the Arctic Ocean was not going to be possible we started in Dawson City at the Yukon River.

Yukon River

Plan B was to do the final leg, the Dempster Highway, after we finished in Halifax. Mike and Lyndon were keen to pursue this option. One of Mike’s cycling buddies; John (age 74) was willing to join the team if plan B materialized.

Unfortunately, the Northwest Territories continue to be closed to all non-essential travel as part of their Covid plan. As a result, the goal of reaching the final sea, the Arctic Ocean, will not be accomplished. “River to Sea to Sea” does not roll of the tongue like Sea to Sea to Sea, yet that is what has been accomplished! Maybe the Dempster Highway in the future, you just never know!