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Day 41: Jackfish Lake Resort to Wawa – 239 KM

Day 41: Jackfish Lake Resort to Wawa – 239 KM

This morning we received an encouraging email informing us that another well has been covered.  This well donated by a congregation in Prince George brings their total to 4 wells! This was significant because today is day 41 and this well brings our total 41 pledged or covered. We have been praying that we would have a well for every day we are cycling.  Our goal is 65 wells.

We started and ended the day in the rain. Rain, rain and more rain… All day our “baptism” of rain danced somewhere between sprinkling and full immersion! Fortunately everyone has various forms of weather proof riding gear. Function out ranked style!

Views of Lake Superior were replaced with small lakes and forest but the rain and cloud concealed much of the natural beauty.

Our route took us through, White River, the birthplace of the bear that inspired A. A. Milne to create Winnie the Pooh.

Shoulders and road surface varied. We were delighted to discover that a large section of the distance has been developed as a bike route.

After hours in the rain it sure felt good to arrive in Wawa! Our host for tonight and tomorrow is Calvary Pentecostal.