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Day 51: Cobourg to Kingston – 148 KM

Day 51: Cobourg to Kingston – 148 KM

Today, no candle light breakfast! It was breakfast in the support vehicle and on the road. Rain was in the forecast but it did not materialize. The wind was not as kind to us today. Most of the day, we had either a head wind or side wind.

Our route was parallel to the shore of Lake Ontario but only once did we have a brief glimpse of the lake. Most of the day, we rode through areas of mixed farming and saw a few examples of apple orchards.

We started the day thinking that all we had set up in Kingston was a parking space and showers at the Kingston Gospel Temple. By lunch time, we had an invitation to dinner and an opportunity to share the C4W vision with a group at Rick and Carol’s home. What a great meal and a really enjoyable time of interaction with Rick and Carol’s friends and family. Thank you Rick and Carol! Thank you Kingston Gospel Temple team.