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Day 7: Whitehorse – 20 km Fun Cycle

Day 7: Whitehorse – 20 km Fun Cycle

Most Sunday’s on this trip will be a day off from cycling. Today Timo, Rob and Mike did a relaxing site seeing ride through Whitehorse. The cycling path along the Yukon River is in excellent condition and takes you through most of the down town and park areas. Rob was able to give a helping hand to a cyclist with bike problems to get her bike back in working order and on her way.

We saw the longest fish ladder I’ve ever seen! One couple we chatted with in this area, after discovering what we were doing, handed us $50 and asked if they could take our picture to put it on Facebook.

In the afternoon, we were invited to the Northern Collective Church in the downtown area; a church with lots of young families and kids. Mike did a presentation about Cycling 4 Water and Lyndon gave the message. This delightful small church pledged a well! One of the young families invited us home for dinner. As we were leaving their three kids gave us money so three kids could have clean water! Wow, so touching!

Lyndon’s project, besides being logistics and support vehicle driver, is a “Water Walk.” As often as he can, he does a 5 KM walk with 40 lbs./18 kg of weights strapped on to experience the average distance women and children walk for water in villages in Africa and the effort involved. So far he has walked just over 200 km.  He did a few walks before we started our ride. His goal is 340 km.

Tomorrow we hit the road at 6:30 am for a long ride. Because the area is very remote, getting blogs posted may be difficult.