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Day 8: Whitehorse to Road Side Pull Out – 238 KM

Day 8: Whitehorse to Road Side Pull Out – 238 KM

It was an early morning wake-up, 5:45.  We left the Hi Country RV site and headed out of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway to clouds and no wind, which was such a relief after three days of fighting head winds riding into Whitehorse. The morning was so still that we heard the call of loons and the cry of a hawk, which seemed to fly with us down the road.  Our morning hours were a series of rolling hills leading to the Teslin River.

We crossed the Teslin River, rode along the Teslin Lake and stopped in the town of Teslin for lunch.  The afternoon had a more challenging route with wind and hills. Riding as three cyclists without Gabe seems strange. Glad Gabe is home with his family, but we are missing him.

At about 5:15 pm it started to rain; within 15 minutes it became a down pour with thunder and lightning.  Lyndon quickly caught up with us and within minutes found a road side pull out where we are spending the night. It’s a bit short of our goal of 269 km but we will attempt to make some of that up tomorrow. Tonight we are all very thankful for our support vehicle!