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Launch Day

Launch Day

July 19, Launch… 7 am Monday morning friends, family, sponsors and local political leaders joined us for an official sendoff. It made this all seem so much more official. After a few sendoff speeches and some encouragement from the deputy mayor Brenda Falk and MLA Mike de Jong, we said our good byes and launched this epic adventure. 

A few friends joined us for a short “symbolic” ride out of town. It was a beautiful morning; it felt really good to ride out of town with a few good friends. Then we loaded up our bikes and started a journey north toward our actual starting point. Tonight’s destination is Prince George, BC.

We altered our route twice, once because of a road closer because of forest fires and the second time to avoid that possibility in another area. We arrived in Prince George to a wonderful potluck dinner with the good folks from College Heights Baptist Church who are proving 3 three wells toward our goal of 65. What a great first day on the road!