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Team Ride

Team Ride

Team Ride… Today our team of four had our first ride together. Since Timo and I live on the west coast and Rob and Gabe live in the Ottawa area we have not had the opportunity to cycle together. Individually we have cycled over 16,000 km or 10,000 miles in training! Our friend Richard Blaschek also joined us. Richard had planned to join us for our first leg of the ride from the Arctic to the Pacific but will not be able to do that after all.  Richard was part of our 2014 team. Jacquie, his wife, was our support vehicle driver on that ride. It was great to have him join us and to spend the day with him.

Coffee break, all rides should have a coffee break. Ours was in in Fort Langley.

We cycled 102 KM to get our rhythm as a team. It was a really good ride with a few distractions! Blackberry picking, well it was more like a blackberry snack because none came home with us.

We also had lunch with Tracy and Courtnay, two gals that volunteered as project managers to help keep Mike organized. They were so helpful. Because of Covid restrictions, this was the first time we met them face to face.