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This is the first Sunday that we have not had a presentation at a local church. We simply attended church with friends. Mike did an interview with a local newspaper.

Our day started with breakfast in Winkler with a local pastor, Mark.  As we were getting ready to start cycling, someone saw us, the support vehicle and handed us a

Pastor John, from the Moosomin Baptist Church was our host in Moosomin. His wife was a way, so he underhandedly fed us dinner and breakfast! Thank you Pastor John.  We

Our day started with a delightful breakfast of homemade cinnamon buns, fruit, cheese and cereal. Our hosts Jim and Marilyn arranged opportunities for our team to make presentations at two

We said goodbye to the “Three Sisters” this morning at about 7:30 as we left Canmore. Rob’s ankle was painful and inflamed again so he became Lyndon’s assistant in the

A very cool morning, 7 C, with fog and clouds greeted us. The first section of the ride was a climb out of Golden, through a massive road construction project