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It was hard to say “Good Bye” to Ron and Irene; they have been so warm and hospitable towards us. I know it wasn’t a final “fare well” because I

I apologize, the location we were at yesterday did not have internet service and we were unable to post. Thanks to Ron and Ernie who arranged for us the explain

Portage-la-Prairie to Winnipeg Here we are getting ready to start at kilometre “zero” for cycling4water (2016 edition). It is quite unremarkable. Nothing to really remind me that two years and 11 days

Congratulations to the employees of Hope Aero! I visited their plant today in Mississauga on the way back home from a conference in Hamilton, Ontario. While there to help promote

I mentioned in a previous post that four things are required to accomplish a major project like Cycling 4 Water: a spark, firebrands, people who fan the flames and people

It was our second day in Saskatchewan. We were rolling along with a moderate wind to our backs. I thought to myself, “I’m living my dream!” I had no idea

“Mike is doing triathlons.”  These brief words were spoken to me in April 2012 by a visitor from British Colombia. I’d known Mike for 33 years. We had worked together in

Every major undertaking starts with a vision – a spark that starts the whole process of dreaming, planning and action. But where does the vision, the spark come from? Most

What does it take to accomplish a project like cycling4water? The same thing as any major project. It takes: A spark. Firebrands. People who fan the flames. Others who spread the fire. Over the

Things are coming together for Cycling4Water 2016! From July 28 to August 16,  Rob will be cycling the part of Canada he  missed in 2014 because of his accident, and Timo will be